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Upcoming Classes - Spring 2018 Semester


Systematic Theology – Teacher, Dr. Burrelli

This introduction to theology is the first of three courses that consider the major doctrines of God’s Word and how they influence faith and practice.  In this first course we examine the knowledge of God, the Word of God, the attributes of God and God’s creation.

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New Testament Survey – Teacher, Dr. Burrelli

This is a survey of the New Testament with an emphasis on its use in Christian ministry.  It surveys the historical and cultural, religious, literary, and theological backgrounds of the New Testament and examines authorship, date, unity, and literary character of the 27 New Testament books.

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Apologetics II – Teacher, Brian Baker

“Since the beginning, Christians have had to engage their culture in a defense of their faith. This course will l provide a definition of Apologetics, review the history of Apologetics in the Church, discuss the different Apologetic methodologies, and cover how to defend the reliability of the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus.”

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