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Upcoming Classes - Spring 2018 Semester


Systematic Theology – Teacher, Dr. Burrelli

One of the major areas of the faith in which local churches across our country are failing is theology.   Doctrine has become a dirty word to many churchgoers and been replaced with superstation, intuition, emotionalism, myths, and “ear-tickling” (2 Tim 4:3).

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New Testament Survey – Teacher, Dr. Burrelli

If you have never studied the Bible in a formal way but would like to, here’s your chance.  While the New Testament culture and writings are still 2000 years removed from us, it has literary conventions that we are more likely to resonate with than those of the Old Testament.

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Apologetics II – Teacher, Brian Baker

This course in Apologetics will help you gain confidence in articulating the Christian faith against unbelief and misunderstanding wherever they exist—in the world, in the church, or even within yourself.

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