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What a marvelous door was opened for me as I participated in the Greek class. We started out learning the many reasons to study Greek. Each week, we learned more details about the structure and grammar of Greek, and we learned some important vocabulary. We heard about many books and other references that can help us as we desire to learn more about Greek. I was personally blessed to see how the Greek text shows where the emphasis is placed in the text. I was also blessed to see that by studying the Greek text, we can eliminate confusion in our understanding of the Bible text. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is yearning to dig deeper in the study of God’s word.

The preaching class was a profitable course on the essential elements of sermon preparation. I was personally very blessed by the emphasis on the importance of going first to scripture, and then seeking God’s wisdom through prayer before anything else. We also learned principles on the preparation of the outline (being guided by the text). We were taught the importance of the introduction, its purposes, and how to prepare it. Here is a quote from the class:  “The first function of the introduction is to direct the minds of your hearers toward the subject or substance of the sermon.” We were thoroughly taught many other aspects of sermon preparation. I highly recommend this course to any man who has a desire to see God glorified and people taught the truth of scripture through the means of preaching or teaching.

In Pastor Burrelli’s counseling class, not only did I learn how to apply specific Bible verses to meet specific needs, but the instructor’s personal stories and experiences brought the Scriptures to life and showed the power of the Word to change lives. I highly recommend the course but a word of warning is needed: God might reveal areas in your own life that need repentance and healing as well.

To those who seek to lovingly care for the flock of God, I highly recommend Dr. Burrelli’s Nouthetic Counseling course. This course equips one to allow the working of the Word and Spirit to penetrate areas of life in the counselee where secular psychology may not even scratch the surface. By the complete guidance of the Scriptures and total dependence upon the Holy Spirit, the counselor helps guide the wounded soul into the arms of the Savior so that ‘whom the Son sets free, may be free indeed.’

Brian Baker’s class on “Bible Study Methods” was a great encouragement to me and I learned so many things that I had never known or thought to use in my private study of the Bible. I feel I now have a wide variety of tools and skills that are going to help me tremendously in slowing down and really digging out the richness of God’s word.

(Pastor Ventura’s class) was a great crash course in Greek which gave me a basic grounding in the elementary aspects of the language of the New Testament and sparked in me a passion to continue learning more!

“This course (on Greek) is perfect for anyone who is interested in the Greek language and is unsure where to begin.”

This class (on Greek) was VERY EXCITING, and it was most fun learning more about the Bible. Its amazing how the Word of God truly is all sufficient even in supplying us with the emphasis and emotion that we need when reading and preaching each individual passage. (A gift we can receive straight from the Greek text.) Pastor Ventura’s vibrant character and enthusiasm helped to shed light on, and bring to life this amazing reality!”