Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew


102A: Biblical Hebrew

Shalom!  My Hebrew teacher always used to say, “You can still be a good Bible student and teacher without knowing the original languages.”  So why learn them?  They help us to be more precise, and I’m all for being precise when it comes to the Word of God. Hebrew is a fun language and is the major language of the Old Testament.  In this basic introduction course, we will spend a good amount of time reading through various biblical Hebrew texts, while learning grammar, how to write the Hebrew alphabet and vocalize it with a Modern Hebrew pronunciation, vowels, a few of the major tenses, and some syntax. You will deepen your understanding of the Old Testament and never see it quite the same way again.

Fall II Semester, September 6, 2016 -Tuesday’s, 7:35 to 9 PM – Dr. Bob Burrelli

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